Ferrer Pediatric Physical Therapy


Private Consultations:
Private consulting is offered by Ferrer Pediatric Physical Therapy to provide professional advice and one on one treatment. Maria Teresa Ferrer offers a full evaluation with specific intervention based on the child’s assessment. These can be filmed for parents to refer back to. Maria Teresa will work hard to make accommodations to your schedule in order for the primary caregiver to be present during the appointment. The duration of consultations varies on a case by case basis. Please contact us to request a private session at anamaria@ferrerpediatrics.com. Please provide the patient’s medical history, current diagnosis, and age.

Cost: $850- includes materials and a 2-day consult. For a 1 day consultation, please contact us for pricing.


January 27-28

February 24-25

April 7-8

June 2-3

July 14-15

July 21-22

August 4-5

August 11-12

September 2-3

September 29-30

October 12-14

*All consultations will be in Iowa unless otherwise requested. Please contact us for travel plans and accommodation if necessary.


If you are located outside of Iowa and are unable to travel for a consultation, we also offer TeleTherapy sessions through Skype or FaceTime. With this service, you will get a personalized treatment plan for your child.
The first TeleTherapy session is free regardless of duration. All following consultations cost $30 per half hour. Free consultations will be offered on select Fridays on a first come first serve basis.
Appointments available Monday-Thursday from 6-9 PM Central Time and Fridays from 10AM-1PM Central Time.

For TeleTherapy bookings, please email anamaria@ferrerpediatrics.com to set up an appointment to discuss actions you can take individually to help your child.